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The Revolution of the Moon

round and round we go

I lay on my back and watched the shooting stars in the freezing cold and knew that that I could stay there forever, looking for infinity.

My website is mostly a collection of icons, and my blogger blog talks about technical matters: http://sylvanstargazer.blogspot.com/

I like puzzles and conversation, interesting stories and places to simply be. I'm an artist by birth, a programmer by trade and many other things by adaptation. I'm a gamer geek, a comic book junky and a bookworm. I like music that has something to express and art that tells a story. Everything in my world carries a narrative. I have a sardonic sense of humor and a fear of making people uncomfortable.

I attended Smith, a wonderful all-women's college, as a Theater major/CS minor. I then relocated to Boston where I model disease progression and wonder what I want to do with my life. I am both baffled and thankful for the things that have simply worked out for me. I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, graduated from school in a beautiful, rural, redneck town called Merlin, Oregon, and settled in the opposite when I had a choice. I miss my animals, the dark and the silence. Everything else I could take or leave, and often preferably leave, but I miss having shadows so thick you feel nothing could find you as long as you don't move.

This will have updates on my life, rants, occational plays, stories or poety, and random musings of dubious importance. I hope you enjoy my writings.

I play the Alliance, Legends and Prophecy LARPS. This is because I like pretending to be other people (thus the theater degree), living intensly at an energy level that would burn me out if I did it for more than a weekend or two a month and, of course, hitting people with foam covered plumbing supplies.

old web site: http://www.geocities.com/elvenstargazer/